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 Connecting to dev.itas.ca (including MySQL database)


Connect via SSH (must be done to create user account on dev server)

  • ssh firstname.lastname@dev.itas.ca
    • Password: StudentNumber (or whatever you changed your internal ITAS password to)

For Windows users, I highly recommend using MobaXterm, as you can create/save sessions, passwords, etc. MobaXterm is available here.


SFTP - example is using Filezilla as FTP Client
(Must have already created account via SSH prior to SFTP access)

These instructions are for creating a new connection in the Site Manager (File > Site Manager...):

  • Host: dev.itas.ca
  • Protocol: SFTP
  • Logon Type: Normal
  • User: firstname.lastname
  • Password: StudentNumber (or whatever you changed your internal ITAS password to)

If you choose to use the Quickconnect bar directly below Filezilla's toolbar, use the following:

  • Host: dev.itas.ca
  • Username: firstname.lastname
  • Password: StudenNumber (or whatever you changed your internal ITAS password to)
  • Port: 22

Note that on clicking the "Quickconnect" button, this will immediately change the Host to "sftp://dev.itas.ca" and the Port field will be empty.  You can use this configuration when entering info into the Quickconnect bar vice the above settings.

Filezilla is available here.


Web Server Information

  • Home Directory: /home/firstname.lastname
  • Web Directory: /home/firstname.lastname/public_html
  • http access via: http://dev.itas.ca/~firstname.lastname


MySQL Database

  • From a dev.itas.ca SSH session:
    • mysql -p [Database]
    • mysql -u [Username] -p [Database]
    • mysql -u [Username] -p[Password] [Database]

  • From remote session:
    • mysql -h dev.itas.ca -u [Username] -p [Database]
    • mysql -h dev.itas.ca -u [Username] -p[Password] [Database]
    • mysql --host=dev.itas.ca --user=[Username] --password=[Password] [Database]

      Where the variables above are replaced by:
    • [Username]: firstname.lastname
    • [Password]: StudentNumber
    • [Database]: firstname_lastname
  • To connect using MySQL Workench, SQLyog, or similar program, use the following:
    • server: dev.itas.ca
    • Username: firstname.lastname
    • Password: StudenNumber
    • Database: firstname_lastname


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